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Guatemala Tikal


Antigua  Guatemala
La Antigua is the former capital city of Guatemala. In its prime time, the 16th to 18th century, the town was one of the metropolis of the Spanish Colonial empire.
Monasteries and churches, resplendent with pomp covered the colonial town.
In 1773 two strong earthquakes destroyed many buildings. The capital was transferred to Guatemala city.
Thus Antigua has kept that special flair to the day. The ruins and reconstructed churches, the parque central and the cobble-stone streets remind you of past times.
But Antigua is not the least dated. Between old pillars, in picturesque courtyards one can find Internet cafés, classy small shops of every kind and restaurants for all tastes.
This Place will take your breath. Surrounded by three impressive volcanoes, Antigua Guatemala  now isn’t the centre of power anymore, but the centre of culture and life. It is not uncommon to see an indigenous woman, wearing the colourful dress of the Mayas sitting on a park bench, next to her a backpacker and a bank clerk. Together watching the happening in the parque central.

Special Courses or Features
  • Spanish for Medical Purposes
  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish Immersion Program (40+ hrs/wk)
  • Spanish Internships or Work Experience
  • Spanish One-to-One / Private Lessons
  • Internship Opportunties
  • Volunteer Program Opportunities

Work Abroad  Guatemala

Guatemala is a fascinating place to visit. It has the largest percent (60%) of indigenous population in the whole of Latin America. With its diversity of nature (rainforests, lakes, skyforests, volcanoes, mangroves), and its unique colonial towns everybody will find a spot or two they love. And probably there is no better way of really getting to know this country than living and working in it for a while.
This is how we see the “volunteering idea”. Give and take! Interact! Communicate!

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